Atlantis Trade & & Investment Pvt Ltd, is a diversified and growing business enterprise in Mauritius. Founded with the aim of having Business activities in various Trade & Investment sectors. We intend to carve a niche for ourself by bringing in a number of leading products into Mauritius market to meet its needs. The Company intends to Trade in various Commodities within Mauritius & globally. With our strategic planning, inherent ability to identify opportunities added with adaptability to the changing market environment, we intend to prove ourselves in the market.




Atlantis Trade & Investment Pvt Ltd is a Private Company, limited by shares. The Company is a Private Company holding a Category One Global Business License. Subject to the Company's Category one Global Business License, to carry out any Business activities which are inline with the laws of Mauritius and the laws of the countries where the Company is transacting business.




At Atlantis Trade & Investment Pvt Ltd, we facilitate International trade, thus provide a Service between a producer and consumer. We operate various International Trades such as:
1. Cross border trade, which is defined as delivery of a service from the territory of one country into the territory of other country.
2. Consumption abroad - this mode covers supply of a service of one country to the service consumer of any other country.
3. Commercial presence - which covers services provided by a service supplier of one country in the territory of any other country.